Undead Slayer 2 MOD APK [Android Game]

Undead Slyer 2 is a super ARPG, which is added lots of original and fun gameplays. We are going to purify this Three Kingdoms Land in which many devils have sneaked. Different stages and history-subverting plot offer players a fancy world that players can immerse themselves into. Assistants will help us to survive in various epical battels. This new edition gives players supreme killing excitement with new gesture operation and delicate pictures. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Endless undead and battles pervade on the land. Secret enemies are making the top fighters lose their minds. Fighting with blood and fire, Undead slyer carries his responsibilities on the way to find his brother and clear all the evil. Click one direction to operate the hero to move and attack. Swipe the screen to realise skills. Rage mode gives more power to skills. Ten skills available for the Hero to use. Hero ask for help from one top fighter who is still sober. They will fight together with their different skills and abilities. There are challenges in different ways waiting for hero. 

File Size: 40M


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