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NBA 2K18 APK Download, Release Date, Cover, Gameplay & Career
Anyone love playing basketball? Well, if you do and if you’re a big fan of the game, you just might have arrived at the right place. Because today, we are going to talk about the latest official game from 2K, Inc. This article is going to be about NBA 2K18 APK Download for Android.

This is going to be yet another massive release in the NBA 2K series. This year, with the success of the NBA 2k17, people have been eagerly waiting for the next iteration of the game and it has finally arrived. Focusing on the exploits of the National Basketball Association, this game has become a huge hit among basketball and video game lovers alike.

In this article, we are going to talk about the various features and the download guides of the game. We will also have a look at the wishlist and cover predictions for NBA 2K18 APK Download Game. You can check out the upcoming WWE 2K18 which is Wrestling sport based game.

There are some good news and some bad news for the Android users. The bad news is that in spite of being available for the Android platform, this game is not free on the Google Play Store. You have to pay a hefty sum to get your hands on this gem. [TOC]

You can download the 2K17 version right from the Play Store by paying something around $8. If you are a hardcore fan and can shell out that much amount for the great game, then I suggest you go for it. Because this is the official way to download and install the game. Imagine the cost that would come up for the NBA 2K18 APK Download from the app store. People are awaiting for the release date of WWE 2K18 too.

The good news that I said, is that you can get this game from third party sites for free! Yes, you just have to get the NBA 2K18 APK Download and install it manually. The steps for that process is given right below. But first, you need to do some changes to your settings before you can install third-party apps on your Android device.

Open the Settings menu of your Android device.
Select the “Security” section.
Scroll down until you find an option by the name “Unknown Sources” and enable that option.
This will allow you to install apps from third-party sources. Now, on to the NBA 2K18 APK download steps.

The game is around 2.5 GB in size and you will need a stable and fast internet connection to download that big a file. And you will also need more than 3 GB of free space on your storage once you install the game.
The first thing you need to do is to get the NBA 2K18 APK download and the data(obb) file from the links provided below.
Download NBA 2K18 latest APK for PC & Data file

After NBA 2K18 APK download is complete, you need to click on the APK file and install it.
Now comes the main step of the process. After you have downloaded the data file, decompress it and copy the obb file in Android> obb folder in your storage.
You need to do this process with the utmost care because it is the key step if you want to enjoy the game.
This effectively completes the procedure of NBA 2K18 APK download and install the game. You can then open the game and start playing basketball as a player of the NBA.

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