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About daily streams (discord copypasta): 
Remember when I said I may have problems streaming due to moving my desk and running on low wireless reception? Well that's happened. So streaming will be even shittier than it already was (can you believe that shit? I can). It will be like sucking a gallon of horse cum through a straw bad. However, the good news is once the renovations are done, I won't be working in a dark, cold and humid cave from north korea. I will have a legit work space with better internets. I'll be testing the stream today with the wireless but once you guys start QQing salty tears about how nothing is working, I'll have to think of an alternative - which may be no stream for a while but posting on Patreon screenshots of what I've been making daily. OR run a 100 meter cable to my Somalian bamboo shitbox. Stay tuned.


The art, posing and sound is done and we're wrapping up the code at the moment (and bug testing). We're working hard to try and push it out before the holidays, I promise. In the meantime I've been working on the upcoming content (0.15 school teachers update). The school is getting expanded (new locations, hallways, office), new features are being added to it, new minor students, tons of quests, tons of secks and more! 



  • Visual Novel story progression
  • Dating sim stat and quest progression
  • Enhanced experience through cut scenes and mini games
  • Powered by Renpy Engine
Summertime Saga v0.15.1 Changelog: 

Bug fixes:

Fixed Judith texting you constantly
Fixed minigame timer bars behaving inconsistently across different devices
Fixed retarded mac save crash
Fixed stupid beach house not going away
Fixed day images at night in school
Summertime Saga v0.15 Changelog:

New locations:

School : Right hallway, Assembly hall, Bridget's office, Students lockers
Map : Beach house 
Forest : Waterfall, Cave
Front yards : Church, Library, Gym
Main Menu & UI:

Cookie Jar feature : allows players to unlock, collect and replay all hscenes
Menu time spent in-game counter
Menu and in-game VFX improvements (clouds)
Removed Goal Tracker temporarily

New Characters :

French teacher
Music teacher
Science teacher
Art teacher
Students (Eve, Erik, Kevin, Roxxy, Judith, Annie, Dexter, Chad, Mia) buttons across the school
New Minigames :

A guitar hero-like minigame
Quizzes for French, Art and Science.
New hscenes:

3 animated for Dewitt
1 animated and 4 lewd for Okita
1 animated and 1 lewd for Bissette
1 animated and 2 lewd for Ross
Annie, Roxxy, Eve, and Judith lewd scenes
New dialogues:

School intro
Randomised PA announcements
Some characters have had their dialogues modified due to Patreon guidelines patch (boo!)
Rework of the codebase:

New Location system, that will be implemented in the near future
New method for doing minigames, and old minigames being redone with this method (it will fix the timer bars being faster/slower depending on device specs)
New Items management solution, in order to fix save file compatibility issues.
Some old characters have been moved to the new FSM (Functional State Machine) flow, begone, deprecated Events system !
General cleanup of the codebase, removing old unused variables, and working towards a more object-oriented codebase
Reworking the overall structure of the codebase, to allow more efficient work, and less merge conflicts
Ability to add descriptions to your saved games

Bug fixes:

Fixed Judith texting you constantly
Fix minigame timer bars behaving inconsistently across different devices



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